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Glass Bowl and Lid Rg No568018


Tony H:
Hi Guys

Here is a link

to a photo of a glass bowl and lid, on the inside is the registration number 568018 I have looked at Great Glass and it is not on the list but it is from 1910.

I bought this as it reminded me of Hoya Crystal of Japan.

Can anyone help with an ID thank you

Tony H in NZ

Tony H:
Hi Guys

Just a quick bump before this one scrolls of the page.

Has anyone got the blue book is the Reg No listed

Many thanks for any help

Tony H in NZ

Hi Tony - that number is not in the Blue Book  :( sorry. 1910 is right though.

Tony H:
Thank you for looking, any idea's as to how I can ID this Reg No

Tony H in NZ

Angela B:
Hi Tony,
It isn't in the blue book, as Glen said, and it isn't in Jenny Thomson (too late for her) or Raymond Slack (ditto). It isn't Davidson (not in the Stewart's book) nor Sowerby (not in Simon Cottle's book) nor  Nazeing (not in Geoff Timberlake's book) and not Bagley (not in our book) . Each of those has a list of Rd numbers.
When I was researching registrations for the Bagley book I paid a researcher in the UK to go into the record offices in Kew and look them up. Maybe a bit of an expensive option though.


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