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Maker please..Tall, sommerso ? teardrop vase with Erica Sweden sticker

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This green vase stands 12 3/4 inches high. Only mark is Erica, Sweden, which I vaguely remember is actually an importer, not a maker.

Ive seen a few of these style of vases and originally thought they were all Murano, but now realise there are a few other makers of the same style.

Im thinking of listing this one, and as my last piece of glass listed was removed for keyword spamming..I had 2 makers listed with question marks because I didnt know who was the maker... I want to be at least 90% sure on this one..hehe. vase base top


Cathy B:
Hi Trudy,

You're right as far as Erica is concerned - there was an importer in Australia who sold of all sorts of glassware and pottery under the label Erica, which had a deco springbok motif. I've seen the label on Murano, Aseda, Japanese pottery, all sorts of things.

Your vase is Aseda - someone else will be able to tell you more!

Thanks Cathy :)

Id hate to put up another Murano Not that I have, but there is so much 'Murano" around these days.


Cathy B:
Seriously not Murano, anyway, Trudy :) I'm pretty sure it's Aseda Glasbruk, from Sweden, but I can't remember the pattern name.


Another hint I think is the Erica label. The last one id'd Im sure was an Italian item. The label was Erica Italy. This one is Erica, Sweden. They may have had a label for each country they imported from?



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