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M. Einsele(?) ID = Mark Einsele


I have recently acquired another unusual paperweight:

It is almost square (70 mm x 74 mm) and has a knob on top (height alltogether 63, weight 456 g). The base is concave with a rough pontil mark - and signed (as I read it) "M. Einsele 74".

Has anyone ever heard of this person - whatever the correct spelling might be?

Best regards  -  Wolf

Found this while looking for something else. Nice one Wolf. Lovely silver chloridey swirls

I am sure the piece was made by Mark Einsele, a glassblower in California, USA.

Hi Ho Wolf, I am the guy who made your paperweight, started making glass in fall of 69, have made over 10,000 pieces...., all signed, all different. some signed farben, a glass shop I had in San Diego Ca.  Some are numbered,Where did you find the paperweight?
I have made some marbles with placer gold also.Later, Mark Einsele

Thank you, Howdynow and especially Mark for speaking up: it is nice to have some confirmation plus some additional info on the maker of a paperweight in one's collection. I actually got the weight via ebay, some 3 years ago, from a seller in Livermore CA.

Thank you also for your direct mail a few days ago, Mark: I was away on holiday, which is why I respond only now.


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