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Sure Murano, but what else?

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I just got this cool bowl at a yard sale - it's got to be Murano, but I don't know what else to say about it.  I sell on eBay, and I know I need to get some better pictures before I list, but maybe this picture will give you enough to go on.  

The bowl is 2 3/4 inches high and 6 1/4 inches long the long way.  It's black (shows purple when held up to a strong bulb, and I'm talking 300 watts) with an inner squiggle of white, and gold swirlies near the surface.  One side has been twirled into a little corkscrew - is there a name for that?  

Does anyone have an educated guess as to maker and age?  How would you describe the style?

(Thrilled to find this glass board, BTW...)

I'm struck by the similarity in colouring - with the gold blobs - of this piece to one on the Moretti site in another thread. The image is this one:

could it be the same maker as Joyce's piece?

Huh! In Akro Agate glass, when you say aventurine, you're talking green. But when I search on aventurine Murano, it's gold here.

Could I say "Black aventurine Murano bowl (AVEM, Fratelli Toso, Nason, Moretti?)" That would allow the people looking for Fratelli Toso, say, to at least find it and use their own judgement. Or do collectors hate that so-and-so with a question mark thing?

"Black aventurine Murano bowl with corkscrew"?

I've got an auction to go to (might be some good stuff, but might not, so fingers crossed), will check back on responses later this afternoon...

Okay, here are some better pictures, taken outdoors with trees shading the deck. (I'd thought that taking utdoor pictures of glass was a no-go, but now I'm seeing my problem was taking the pictures in full sun.)

I think this is the best of the new batch - you can clearly see the corkscrew, the gold swirl, and the white squiggle underneath:

I also got a picture of the bottom. There are four little blobs of gold - I thought at first they were just a production error, but now I'm wondering if maybe it's a very smeared maker's mark?

Other pix from various angles, for the completists:

So - does any of this help?

:D Hi, I think aventurene refers in general to little glittery inclusions, the colour of these inclusions is usually stated. Monart did both green and "gold" aventurine. (Why is COPPER aventurine always referred to as gold????) I think if you referred to the bowl as being black aventurine, some people might think it had black glittery bits. Black with gold aventurine might be better (I'm just being a nitpicker :twisted: ). Lovely bowl!

Aventurine or Goldstone is actually a type of glass which is made with the glittery inclusions in it. At some point other colours were made copper, bronze, red, green and blue at least. It is a glassmakers raw material though I am not aware of it being used on its own - probably too expensive. Some of the coloured ones show up poorly. Gold is called gold because that is the colours name, even if it is a bit coppery. The copper aventurine is redder and the bronze quite dark.


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