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"Belge" mark in glass hen on nest covered dish

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That the Belgian borders have shifted is news to me - to the best of my knowledge they did not.  "Belge"  is clearly an abbreviation for "fabrication Belge" - or made in Belgium. The largest maker of pressed items in Belgium was VSL - and their produce is well documented. So if the item is not in their catalogues, plan B comes into force: attribution to one of the other factories. Most probable is Scailmont in Manage, or the glassworks at Familleureux. You may just have to be content by putting "unknown glassworks, Belgium".

Thank you, Ivo, for your information on Belgium glass manufacturers. It is very difficult to find information on European glass manufacturers despite all the work that Siegmar and Glen have done and shared with us. Add to that the fact that moulds were sold, stolen, transferred, loaned, or copied and you have a quagmire to work your way through. And, you are right: sometimes you have to accept that you cannot ascertain the answer....but I keep trying.....
Shirley in Charleston, WV

Shirley's book details added here:,2066.msg97434.html#msg97434

Shirley and Ivo:
there is a real lot of glass signed BELGE which obviously is not! INWALD and WALTHER were the producers  >:D

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