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Carnival Glass Tree Bark pattern - who made it?


Glen or anyone else who can unravel this pattern -

Who made Tree Bark?  I see it attributed to Imperial and Jeannette. Which one made it or did both?

I have had 2 different style pitchers and tumblers.  Now I have a set of 6 plates. But I am so confused about this pattern - HELP!!  :D

Oh Connie - you and me both! I have seen it variously attributed to Jenkins, Imperial, Dugan and even Indiana. There is also a Treebark Variant that I believe was made by Jeanette.

The concensus seems to be that Imperial made Treebark and Jeanette, the Variant. In the absence of absolute proof that's what I stick with  :roll:


Thank you, Glen.

That is the same conclusion that I had reached but there is so much contradictory info out there!

So am I right that Imperial Glass (vs. Jeannette) is the one who made the plates?  I don't see any mention of plates being made by Jeannette.

Well, hmmn, I guess Connie. But really, it's a Tree Bark minefield out there  :shock:


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