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is it monart

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thanks all  :D  not bad for a quid,

nigel benson:

Gareth, I'm not so sure about the numbering as you are :(

Whilst there are two pieces with the same prefix (104) and a different suffix ( /1914 & /2106)on page 130 of the book "WMF Ikora and Myra Glass", there is also a fish (/4018) on page 126 with a 104 prefix and a different shaped vase (/1) on page 163 with a '104' prefix.

I conclude, therefore that the entire number has to be used when discussing a particular item.

My interpretation of 104/2106 is that there is no orange in the illustration , only a sort of mauve with some yellow hues, along with some highlighting.

Because of this I decided  not to include the code in my post - only the attribution.


Good afternoon Nigel

When I read your posting and checked the illustrations in the book I had to seriously question quite where I got my information from... because as you correctly point out the colours reproduced bear no relation to the piece in question....but..!!.... looking into it further I realised I had gone by the black/white illustration on page99 which describes it as being orange and grun.....( something of a relief that I needed not in this instance to accept the advancement of senility rushing headlong at me )

Perhaps the reps colour illustration on page 130 is an error as it looks very much like the colouring of the one suffixed 1914.
I had not noticed the fish prefix of 104 so must assume my theory on the 104 attribution of style as incorrect ... would be interesting nevertheless to know what they indicate.

By the way I would appreciate if you have any observations on my posting re Not Schneider or WMF. I will add photographs of the signature etc shortly so perhaps you might wish to leave any comment until after then




nigel benson:
My goodness its afternoon already!

Hi Gareth,

Thanks for that. I must learn to... no, did I? Was there something about? Oh, I know woorrdzz....the reading thing. I must do more of it. These senior moments! :?

Well noticed that man!!


PS I've already put an entry on the other thread - I look forward to the photo :)


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