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Murano Basket?

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Hi everyone,
Am I correct in thinking this lovely basket is a Murano piece? If so could anyone tell me anything about it please? It measures 19cm high and 15cm wide. It has a polished flat base and is not signed. Many thanks in advance.
Janet" alt="Image hosted by">

I like it!  :D  I have something quite like it, but without the upraised 'arms' which I asked about on this board a while ago and was told it probably wasn't Murano, but Chalet glass  :shock:

You still see lots of glass like this on ebay described as Murano, though  :?


Leni, Thankyou I really like it too. The colours when the light shines through it are just stunning! I know nothing about Chalet glass though? Do you know of a website where i could perhaps find out a bit more about it by any chance?
Regards Janet.

Google:  Chalet Glass >  Michel Blais Gallery

Peronally, I always find it hard to attribute this kind of piece.  They all seem to merge, the Murano, the Czech, the Chalet Glass.  I wonder if you'll be able to say definitely which it is, although Chalet Glass is a good place to start.  :)

(hope you don't mind me muscling in Leni!  :shock: )


--- Quote from: "Max" ---(hope you don't mind me muscling in Leni!  :shock: )
--- End quote ---

 :lol: Of course not!   :roll:  You just said everything I would have said, anyway  :wink:

Leni xx


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