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:D Hi, I promised picture of my Dartington Stodio Glass in another thread about Dartington crystal, but I think these deserve a thread on their own, as well as a discussion about what Dartington has been doing recently, and does anybody KNOW what happened about the Dartington Studio Range and their revival stuff of recent years? I was following it quite closely, in contemporary shops, but it seems to have vanished!
Dartington Studio glass      Plate, 9.25” diameter     Base of plate, showing “2 gathers of glass on blowing         rods” logo, impressed in blob of glass put on pontil mark (gathers and rod stand proud),  Dartington name, etched and sticky “Studio Glass” label. Also showing the texture of the colouring quite nicely.    Plate in profile.    Close up of plate front, showing texture of colouring and gold foil.    2 Beautiful (IMNSHO) bottle/urn vases, 7” tall (with flash).    Ditto  (in daylight). These have the “2 gathers on rods” mark etched on the base, as well as the Dartington name. I’ve moved the sticky labels to the inside of the vases. The bases have no pontil mark at all, but have the same decorated colours and texture of the vases, just the etched marks on this surface. One base is completely flat, the other is slightly concave.     Trio of Dartington Studio glass.

Edited to add pics - I pushed submit instead of preview  :oops: :?  :oops:

Wow Sue, they really are fabulous!  I'd never have guessed they were Dartington!   :shock:

The copper oxide colour streaks on the vases look almost crackled, but then the tops are swirled intriguing!

The plate's stunning too, they have to be collectibles for the future.  :D

:D :?  :D Hi Max,
I don't think there are copper oxide bits on the vases! The surface has been covered with bits of gold foil, "cracked" and then reheated and blown again, much in the way of Monart paisley pattern. (Copper oxide is black, copper sulphate is bluey-green, copper nitrate is green or what PC Plod earns on the late shift!) The reds/yellows/oranges are enamels, as are the greeny turquoisey bits.
I think the odd texture that comes at the neck of the vases must have something to do with having had the end at which the pontil rod is attached changed from bottom to top, probably when the vase was cracked and reheated, so that the swirly bit on one of the necks and the "jiggered" bit on the other comes from having the pontil rod removed from that end. This would explain the fact that there is no pontil mark and the base is fully decorated. Or perhaps the reblowing was done in a mould, so the odd bits at the necks come from removing it from the mould. Perhaps somebody with far more experience and knowledge than me can put me right over that one!!! :oops:

Copper oxide colour is green surely?  The sort of oxidisation you'd find on copper pipes?  :?  I was only referring to the colour, I didn't actually mean there was copper on your vases...  :shock:

:D  :D It's copper nitrate that you see on copper pipes! (And on copper domes on roofs). There's loads of nitrogen in the atmosphere. Copper oxidation requires heat. You're quite right in that that is the correct shade of green! I hadn't realised you were talking about the colour and I did think you meant copper oxide on the vase! My brain is playing away from home just now :oops: , I'm having a bit of a lousy time with the ME/CFS at the moment! (:cry: poor ickle me :cry: :!: )


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