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caithness paul ysart weight

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I guess this could have been an experimental item that was not taken up as a production piece. The PY part of the signing was not, in my view, done by Paul Ysart as the "P" is quite different from how Paul formed it. Possibly the whole signing was done by a person at Caithness when it was decided to offer the weight through the shop outlet as a Caithness Second (but not necessarily a Paul Ysart second).

The individual canes that Ray shows all look like Scottish to me, even the orange-green-yellow one which might be a very early Ysart cane that is more often seen in Vasart work.

Some weights of this type (but without the bubbles) are known to have been made at Paul's Harlland works. This was confirmed by Willie Manson who said that at one time the glass batch was ruined (it was virtually black!) but rather than waste it, they made a whole run of surface decorated scrambled weights. So far I have only seen one of those, but there may be lots around, simply unrecognised. The one I saw did not have easily identifiable canes!

Since then we know that C11G was not just used for seconds but almost certainly for letting items be sold in factory shop at reduced rate.


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