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Author Topic: Scottish weights - help needed.  (Read 837 times)

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Offline alexander

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Scottish weights - help needed.
« on: August 19, 2007, 04:20:09 PM »
Hi, I've recently taken the plunge and joined eBay, and I've bought some nice paperweights.

These are two Scottish ones I need help with and one which I hope you can help with date and confirm my attribution?
Please note I've tweaked brightness/contrast in these pictures as they were shot on my cellphone, which needs a lot of light to take good pics.

First one is a mini (40mmX32mm), red base, closepack with what appears to be Vasart or Strathearn canes.
It has a indented firepolished pontil, pretty clear glass with only one tiny stray bubble in the dome,
some other tiny ones inbetween the canes. A nice small weight.

Top view
Slanted view
Side View

Second is a mini that I'm a bit baffled by. A bit larger than the one above (43mmX31mm), the shape is different, flatter I guess,
the base is light yellow, the dome is clear but "different" than the one above with striations in the glass.
Some big bubbles in this one. The canes are also set very high and disorderly compared to above.
The canes are blue on white, orange on white and light turquoise with a white stripe.
It also has three filigree spokes consiting of white,yellow and aventurine.

The bottom is completely flat, fire polished.
I thought scottish when I first saw it but the overall feel confuses me.
Any help muchly appreciated.

Top view
Side view 1
Side view 2

This third one is what I believe a Strathearn P8 Large, is that correct?
Almost 80mm across, 8 spokes with filigree consiting of four triple strands of white.
Bottom is notably concave, firepolished pontilmark in centre.

P8 Top
P8 Side
P8 Bottom

Thanks for looking and in advance for any help.  :)


Edit : Frank, if you want images for the catalogue at I can send bigger ones.
Norwegian glass collector

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Offline KevinH

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Re: Scottish weights - help needed.
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2007, 12:12:16 AM »
I'd say ...

Number 1 - mini Strathearn, 1964 to 1980 (the canes are of a type known in thousands of closepack weights by Strathearn)

Number 2 - mini Vasart, 1956 to 1964 (the canes are very high out of the ground and the three-section design is well known from Vasart work. Also, this could have once been attached to a Bar Set item, or a car Gear Shift lever - I know of two sizes for these, so far, and 43 mm fits well.)

Number 3 - at over 3 inch diameter, it is one of the largest sizes of regular Starthearn designs and is therefore a P7 rather than a P8 which was "small to medium" (see Richard More's site)

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Offline alexander

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Re: Scottish weights - help needed.
« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2007, 07:50:04 AM »
Thanks Kevin :) 

There so much to lurn so little time. I don't get to handle many weights up here as norwegian houses
only have a few abstracts i know of and Sweden's the same, albeit with larger numbers of abstracts.

I just love millefiori weights and will probably end up with the house brimming of them  ;)

Thanks again
Norwegian glass collector

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