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Art Glass - signed but cannot recognise the signature


Hi I am brand new to this board - so please be gentle :-\

I have currently in my possession a piece of art glass that is driving me crazy.  It is clearly signed but I cannot trace it.   Can anyone help please

Moderator: Sale reference edited out

Hi Sue,
Glad to see you made your way here, after the phone call this morning.
Welcome to GMB,(we will be gentle).

Thanks Marcus - its a little scary with all these experts but I think I am addicted already

Venus Hot Glass studio?

Hi Sue and welcome to the board.  8)  I've edited out the reference to the sale from your first post as sale mentions are supposed to be only made in the Market Place, but don't feel bad about it, you weren't to know that.  ;)  If you'd like to add a link to any item you're selling in the Market Place forum here,4.0.html you're more than welcome to do so. 

Hope you find the board as much fun and use as the rest of us do.  If you get stuck with anything just ask for help from one of the Moderators. ;D


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