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Irridized vase..ID help?

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Martyn K:
I bought this vase last year because the surface finish seemed unusual...I believe it's mould blown and the top is cut and polished (the shape suggests to me that the neck may have been cut down at some point but it's well finished so I cant be sure?)

The base glass is a very dark vivid violet that reads as black and the irridized surface is unusually deeply fissured I think.

It's 23cm (9in) high and looks to have some age.

Any thoughts as to the maker, age, etc very much appreciated.


Martyn K:
Forgot the base...

I'm fairly sure that is from Royal Brierley Studio - I have 3 or 4 of theirs with a similar finish.  Mine all have a signature on the base but in the texturing it is very difficult to see on one of them...I had it for nearly two years before I noticed it ::)  Mine are all a similar height to yours and all have cut and polished tops.

Fairly modern giftware I think, but of high quality.

Martyn K:
That was one of my first thoughts, but this had quite a build up of grime on it when I bought it suggesting it was'nt new at all and I've examined it very closely for a mark without joy a number of times.I'll have another look in the daylight for a mark, what exactly might I be missing?

Most of the RB pieces I've seen have had a much more superficial finish than this? Could you post a pic of one of yours for comparison?

Many thanks,


Martyn K:
Hi Tim,

I've just checked again and it's definately not signed, but Royal Brierley Studio is very similar is'nt it. I still think the finish is a slightly different technique to those RB I've seen but I suppose it could have been a second ???


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