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UK - The Nazeing Glass Museum of British Domestic Glass open from Sept 2007


After nine months ( yes it is like having a baby- we even had a false alarm in May about opening then!  :mus:)the Nazeing Glass Museum of British Domestic Glass will open its doors on 10th September 2007. Inside four rooms and a garden is laid out  one of the most dazzling (we hope, if the cleaners do their bit!), and comprehensive display of 20th Century British glass that can be seen in the UK. All items have been photographed digitally and catalogued, and we have tried to put together the histories of over 80 companies that made glass in the UK.
To put British Glass into context a few examples of French, Italian, Czech, and Scandinavian glass is shown.

Although we do not aim to cover the studio movement ( a new small Museum on its own would struggle to show the variety and talent in British Glass making today), this is an attempt, (hopefully with a touch of humour) ,to show what glass was used  and where it was made in Great Britain, during the 20th Century, with emphasis on Nazeing Glass' production on site since 1928, ( see the Nazeing Glass Room).

Subject to availability,- and prior booking- our Study/Library and computer records will be available.
It was felt with the demise of over seventy companies, someone should record this fact, much neglected by our national museums. A special feature is the display on British Glass designers, with examples of their work.
Opening times at present are Mon to Friday 10.30 to 3pm. Hopefully we may open Saturdays after Christmas, depending on demand, at present Saturdays and Tours are by special request for large groups of 20 plus.
Entry fee £4 (students and OAP on proof of identity £3), the entranc is free for a purchase of over £25 in the Factory Shop.
When it is open further details will appear on our website ,www.nazeing-glass,com, but not yet!
one warning do not believe your SatNav in coming to see us! They lie, and take you down the tow (not garden!) path on a two mile detour along pot holed roads!

The poster Rob added to the GlassGallery last week says "...half a mile east of Broxbourne Station on the B194, just over the bridge by the River Lea." (Broxbourne's in Hertfordshire I believe.)  8)

Yes 7 mins walk from the station, and there are always taxis there in case it is pelting down!


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