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2 Vases..seemingly the same but different- help please



I didnt know how to describe these so couldnt put that in the heading sorry :(

They were bought together and seemed the same at first. However the Amber coloured one has straight up and down swirls of white glass while the blue one has them criss crossing and random patterns. Also the blue one is heavier than the Amber one. Both have flat smooth bases like my vintage Murano glass. The swirls are in the centre of the glass so you cant feel it either side.

They are 15.5cm and 16.5cm high. The blue is shorter but wider and thicker at the base. Im totally lost with these...but arent I always with most glass :-\

Any idea of what I describe these as besides art glass would be great. vases bases


Cathy B:
To describe them, I'd try Amber and Blue blown glass with white trail inclusions. It looks like the bases are ground flat but not polished completely smooth - is that right? Just off the top of my head, Trudy, they look newish to me. Maybe someone else can help?

They are polished smooth Cathy, just wear on the bases. (and my bad photos dont help) They were from an oldish estate which had depression glass and Murano, and lots of other old but not looked after stuff, these included..they were so dirty,  and the murano was cracked so I didnt get it.

I just noticed on the amber vase,  that one of the white trail inclusions on the inside is like a split but is an opened bubble..if you understand that. And on the the outer where that is, the glass goes into the split bubble and then comes out again. Like a little pair of lips. Its very minimal..but would that suggest handblown?

Also when I look closely both have bubbles in the glass and the blue also looks like it has tiny flecks of dirt? through the glass and in where some of the little bubbles are.



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