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Help needed with a Top Hat Bowl ? Caithness


Hi, new to this forum and hoping to get some advice. I have acquired a top hat bowl very similar to those by Vasart although the sides of this taper and the glass is a clear blue similar to some Caithness. It is 2 5/8ins tall and the top is 4 1/4ins x 4 ins. The pontil is ground and the edge of the base does have wear indicative of the piece having been around for a good few years. Pictures here of the

Alastair, I have a hat almost identical in amber. The measurements of mine are a little larger. Mine has a sticker on the bottom that says Made in Sweden. Terry

Terry - thanks, I do like Scandinavian design and didn't get a hint of that when I saw this but there you go - it's the folded over edge that particularly reminded me of the edges on some Vasart


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