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ADMIN: [ZONEALARM CHALLENGE] and other email verification systems


Can members & potential members please note that if you are using [ZONEALARM CHALLENGE], or any such system of spam filtering where the sender (i.e. the Glass Messages Board) has to request your acceptance before you can complete your registration or receive notifications from the board, you will not receive such notifications.

If you use such a system it is your responsibility to ensure that the board's notification email address is on your accept list. Any requests for such verifications will be ignored by board tech support, i.e. me!, and we will need to unsubscribe you from all your notification subscriptions until you've added the board to your accept list to prevent us from being swamped by authentication requests. We won't be able to tell you about this if our email to you is blocked.

So far we've only had a couple of these requests from users of such systems but as spam filter system options increase more folks may choose to use them, and it's only fair that you know the board's position on this matter. If you use or plan to use one of these systems, please don't forget to ensure that the Board's notification email address is on your accept list.

The address to add is messageadmin(at)glassmessages(dot)com - change (at) and (dot) to @ and . of course.


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