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Edward Moore or Davidson slag glass bowl

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got this one today, not to sure if it's Davidson or Moore, it measures 7.25" across and 1.25" high, the decor around the bowl is scottish thistle, the colour is mint green? with white swirls, no REG or RD numbers

click image for larger photo

Bernard C:
Ray,  I think it is lovely and so typical of the exuberant patriotism of the period.

I would add Greener to your list, and even a mainland Europe glassworks!

Bernard C.  8)

I agree with Bernard (above) up to the end of the word Greener because you don't look any further for the maker.  If anybody in this group is lucky enough to have the butter dish in the Marquis of Lorne pattern, turn over the base and I am pretty sure the bottom will match Ray's example.  I don't have one or would post a picture.


for got to say it has three raised glass bobbles on top of the bowl , you can just make them out in the bottom photo, as it was for a lid to slot down

:D I like it too, it may be opaque, but it's not pastel. The pattern looks more like the thistle, the rose and the shamrock than just the thistle though, so something to do with uniting the "king"dom (why no daffodils or leeks?) (and why "king"dom, when it's currently a queendom?) :D


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