Author Topic: American Harlequin/Swirl - NEGC? Help needed.  (Read 571 times)

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American Harlequin/Swirl - NEGC? Help needed.
« on: September 18, 2007, 03:02:12 PM »
Hi, a lucky cinrcumstance landed me this fun weight.

I bought a NEGC scramble and this one came in it's stead by mistake, the seller let me keep it
as he figured the return cost would be too high to warrant a return - so I ended up with two for the price of one  :)
The seller got a raving review of course.
So I think it's a US made weight, alas, identifying frit type weights is not my forte to put it mildly.
My inital thought was NEGC but I know way too little about old US weights and haven't found any
identified frit weights to compare with.

I hope someone here can help me.

It's a big weight, 3"1/2 or 9cm across, 3" or 7,5 cm tall. Very heavy.
Concave polished base with worn rim. Nice clear glass with a couple of small bubbles.

The flowerpot/swirly cushion is square with rounded corners (doesn't who very well in my photos),
there are four frit flowers with colored stems (not air stems like Boh. flowers).

Some of the frit in the flowers appear to be pieces of simple canes, white center with green casing.
The colors seem consistent with US manufacture.


Top View
Side View
Askew View
Best Side View
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