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Who are the important British Domestic Glass designers of the 20th century?

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David E:
Howard Stabler (Orlak, but whose designs were then used for Pyrex - Jobling), Margaret Casson (Night Sky), David Hammond (Webb) are others. Marcus has already mentioned others within my particular sphere of interest.

Bernard - a huge "yes" to all you said above.

You asked about John Jenkins: he was the British impetus (business and design) for the Barolac range of glass, working with Inwald in Czechoslovakia. Although much of it was decorative, it was also functional glassware.


--- Quote from: Ivo on September 18, 2007, 06:15:22 PM ---What an insular perspective.

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Does glass make people angry, or does it just attract angry people?

If you go to Dartington, you can look at Dartington Glass. If you go to Caithness, you can look at Caithness Glass, and the same rule applies to what few factories are still operating in the country. You can come to Nazeing, and see Glass made from the vast majority of all the factories that produced glass between 1900 and the present day in Britain, as well as glass from Scandinavia, France, Germany, Italy to name a few. In addition to that there is a room dedicated to influenced and influencial designers who worked with factories from all over the world. Not only that, but you are being asked, which designers you think should be mentioned and even exhibited in the museum. How often does that happen?

On a different note completely, I vote I be included as well as Adam Dodds and Bernard. I drew a picture of a glass once, and it looked quite good.  :P


Bear in mind that Holland has a National Glass Museum and the general advice to those interested in glass is often - do not bother to visit it.

The original request was unclear as to the criteria/intentions of what is being planned as that, obviously, has a bearing on such suggestions.

Although I know that he was a very good manager and possibly innovator, is there any evidence that my grandfather ever designed anything?  As many know, I never actually knew him.  He appeared in the 1901 (I think) census as Works Cashier.

Adam D.


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