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Who are the important British Domestic Glass designers of the 20th century?

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--- Quote from: nigel benson on November 06, 2007, 08:56:08 PM ---Bermondsey Glass:

Guy Underwood               Pre-war (These boards and my own research)

--- End quote ---

Now extended to 1930's, if also Bermondsey Glass to be confirmed. see here

and Nigels input here

Angus Sillars - Strathearn Glass designer

George Walton - James Couper & Sons

Michael Harris, I'm currently into a new designer/blower Dominic Fonde who is worth checking out.

Found some more, ref Design '46 "Britain Can Make It" exhibition.

Walsh Walsh - Harry Trethowan & Agnes Pinder Davies
but could Glyn Farquharson be a misprint?

Stevens & Williams -
Deanne Meanley
Tom Jones

Stuart & Sons Ltd - P Cartwright.

Also included without designer name
Pressed Glass bowls & jug - United Glass Bottle Manufacturers

J Lees (Glass figurines)

Mod: Deanne Meanley's name corrected as per Nigel's post below.


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