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Who are the important British Domestic Glass designers of the 20th century?

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nigel benson:

There's a typo - should be Deanne Meanley. Mentioned in this thread 6 November 2007 along with Tom Hill.

I agree about the probable misprint Glyn/Clyne that you point out.



Tim Harris and Elizabeth Harris, Isle of Wight Studio Glass.
Tim also designed for Royal Brierly.


I can's spell Brierley, sorry,  :-[ and forgot to mention  :-[
Elizabeth Harris also designed the Union Flag textiles used for just about everything seen in and around Carnaby Street during the '60s.

Thanks for the wonderful response (77) to date! I raised the topic as one of the four rooms is dedicated to British glass designers. I feel it is useful to look in some details work by a person who has spent many years designing glass. I listen to Roger Dodsworth of Broadfield House at the February Cambridge Glass fair lecture he gave, refer to being told about a house in Surrey, ( I think), full of glass designs that would be thrown in the skip if no one was interested! It turned out to be the archives of Alexander hardie Williamson. Sherdley and Ravenhead designer, and thank goodness Roger persuaded the Trustees to take and preserve them.
 The point is, as I see it, there are many Museums with air twist stem, Jacobite goblets, etc galore, but bearing in mind the twentieth century was the most prolific for the British glass industry, which has since almost collapsed. Where are the collections of everyday drinking glasses. I get a thrill in my tiny Museum when someone says "My nan had some of thoses glasses". They are part of ouir history and childhood but ignored by the big Museum like the V&A and Broadfield House, so a collection is needed!

Keep on suggesting the names of british designers. the fact there are so many, and so many neglected says a lot about our culture and heritage as a nation! 

Has anyone mentioned Catherine Hough . just google her you will see what i am saying .jp


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