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Who are the important British Domestic Glass designers of the 20th century?

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Over the previous twenty years approximately a greater understanding has actually grown of the job of 20th century British glass manufacturers and designers. A great deal was achieved by the significant and also influential event "British Glass In between the Wars" held at Broadfield House Glass Gallery in 1987, which recognised work by Monart, Gray-Stan, James Stuart flower holder with decor made by Graham Sutherland. Stuart flower holder with decoration designed by Graham Sutherland (Circa 1934) Powell, Stuart & Sons, Thomas Webb, Webb Corbett and Stevens & Williams (Royal Brierley) as well as developers such as Keith Murray and Clyne Farquharson. Currently, the brochure modified by Roger Dodsworth for this program is still considered as one of one of the most insightful books available on the subject.


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