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Murano 101: Murano Labels!!!

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Thought I would make a new topic just for labels, that way we dont have to look around into other topics for references to them... I would like for everyone to participate in this and maybe explain where the label was from, if you have reference to it (year, book, glasshouse), and anything else you think appropriate.
Lets try and have clear photos of intact labels if possible, so everything is readable and we dont get confused. I will post some labels, but hope we get more people to participate, like on the "Favorite Murano Piece" theard!
We can make this a Sticky topic if you guys want. Would like the feedback.
Thanks again!

UPDATE: Label images can be uploaded to the special album for thisd thread on Glass Gallery:

Javier,  Without looking through the summerhouse of horrors, here's the only sticker I can find.

You can blame Ray for this one, it was his first.   :wink:  :D

PS:  Sorry I have no idea about Murano stickers, I think I need a bit of help.   :(

These are the ones I have at this time. I just can't seem to get closer without the picture getting blurry so I had to take them farther out, I hope their ok. The first one is from a Ribbon Canne decanter, the second is from a Cenedese Sommerso decanter and the last one is from Vilca, a fairly new piece with the designers name attached.



--- Quote from: "Max" ---Javier,  Without looking through the summerhouse of horrors, here's the only sticker I can find.

--- End quote ---

Hi Max,
I have those 2 labels on a few pieces, pretty much intact, so I will post them in a bit. Have to find the pieces first.

... and Cathy, Thanks for the pics!

Lifted from the message by Cathy B, "Is this anything interesting ...?"

The label:

The item (generic giftware):


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