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Murano 101: Murano Labels!!!

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--- Quote from: Anne on October 20, 2009, 01:09:53 AM ---I've just found our Murano101 labels album on GlassGallery is being quoted as an online reference source for Murano Glass on :)

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Hi Anne!
I'm new to this wonderful board but far from new to glass (Murano in particular!). Anita can probably attest to this. *smile* I do have one "bone to pick" with the person who wrote the article on While I very much commend her on referencing this site for the Murano 101 labels album, I'm afraid I disagree with her putting Leslie Pina as the top reference/source of information on Murano glass. Quite honestly, there are only two people who I believe are the most reliable references both in the past 20 years and today. They are Marc Heiremans and Rosa Barovier Mentasti. I hate to be critical but Leslie Pina has made too many mistakes in her books and especially the latest one on Archimede Seguso. (Of course, only my opinion, fwiw.)

I truly don't claim to be an expert! But I've been buying, selling and deeply involved in collecting glass going on nearly 30 years now. While my interests range from everyone from our brilliant American Studio glassmasters to the incomparable masters such as Tagliapietra (and so many more), I admit I am a stickler when it comes to authors publishing reference books and not getting their facts correct. No one is perfect, but Pina hasn't done a good enough job to be labelled as the "best refrerence on Murano glass" and other glass as well.

(Sorry for the rant! I do love what y'all are doing here and I hope I can get involved, if you want me around...without "rants" LOL)

Shell :-[

Hi, Shell, and welcome! Leslie Pina did have some trouble with her early Fifties Glass books. It was riddled with errors. I think her Italian Glass Century 20 is an excellent primer for people learning about vintage Murano. I've not noticed any real problems with it. Her later books on Fratelli Toso and Archimede Seguso have a couple of mistakes, but I've not seen any real problem with them. Maybe you can start a thread in the Glass Museum Cafe to talk about the problems with the books. It should be interesting. There may be things that I don't realize are wrong.

Just thought I would add a couple of labels on two Murano paperweights . The first you already have a pic of in blue. The second on the base of the fish-cane paperweight is probably from an exporter. Cheers, Mike.

I suspect Alfredo Barbini labels are probably covered already but I don't have time to check the whole thread and I won't remember later so I'm just going to throw this one out there with the Swan it was found on :)

Hi everyone  :hi:

Indeed this is a topic that is well needed in the industry with so many fake products being produced in China and being sold as genuine Murano.  What everyone must be careful of is the fact that there may still be NEW products in the market place that have actually been produced in China but have a Murano or MADE IN ITALY label attached.  This may still be the case after the Carbinieri seized over 11 million fake items worth approximately 16 Million USD from Venice in July 2010.  The only way you can be sure is know your makers, the styles and techniques used, a bit of history on Murano glass and most of all, purchase from someone who will stand behind what they sell. 

This is my 2 cents worth as a lover of Murano glass who has now built the largest website of its type anywhere in the world devoted to the most fascinating and beautiful of all art forms - Venetian Glass blowing!




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