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silver stain:
LAG company was a " SocietÓ " in 1963 , address : Fondamenta Navagero 29 Murano island.
De Majo company was near at LAG.
In that place ( old furnace De Majo and old furnace LAG ) now there is a Hotel NH Collection.

The VM004 (and VM04) label is also found on the glasswork from lamps made by Melogranoblu and Zonca (et al.).
The VM numbers are often found on mushroom-lamps and grey-swirled lightshades which were increasingly popular after 1980, and very widely exported.
With carefully measured dimensions required and great consistency in production, the items are not really art-glass, but rather a hand-crafted product supplied to other manufacturers of lighting.
They were produced in a furnace (Fondamenta Navagero 29, across the canal from the Murano Glass Museum) owned by Guido Ferro. It was known as 'LAG' from 1966 (or so) and although it seems to have used that name through 1981 (when the VM system started) it became better known as Yalos in the subsequent years, and the site was moved a few hundred meters to Fondamenta S. Giovanni dei Battuti, 4. It's not clear when the LAG furnace was always part of the Ferro family, or was sold off at some point. (to Yalos?) In many instances the product range seems very similar to Effetre.
The increasing cost of Murano production, would have meant that there was an increasing cost-saving to be had from moving the production of lightshades away from the island to other (italian) cities. Current best information indicates that production ceased on this site around the year 2000-2005.


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