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Hi all

Interesting Ysart posted on 320161697069 . All the canes I checked looked good as do the 2 PY canes.

Checked the Ysart glass book but cant see anything similar - KevH shows a reasonably similar design but from the 1930's - I thought that Paul only started with flat ground bases when he was at Caithness ?

Any further thoughts?



Transparent cushions needed a flat polished base. Very nice it is too!

Yes, there are lots of pre-Caithness period PY weights with a flat, polished base.

Frank's point is valid but it seems that sometimes when a design was set in clear glass, rather than having a coloured ground of some form, the base would not be polished if the pontil area was not easily visible through the design. Perhaps the eBay weight could just as easily have had a non-polished base. I can't prove it, but perhaps unpolished bases on "clear-ground" weights occur more often on concentric designs where there is little space between the rows of canes.

Hi all

Frank thats a very good point ! although I take what KevH says - in this particular weight I would have thought that the central
design was large enough to hide any pontil mark.

Kev - you say that there are lots of pre-Caithness period PY weights with a flat polished base - do they go all they way back to the 1930's ?? or to put it another way - what period do you think this weight is from??

I see it is generating a fair bit of interest already with 5 different bidders.

Best regards


I cannot tell when the weight may have been made, without checking under UV. And even then it's not always easy to say if a weight is 30s, 40s or 50s. That design is known from the 1930s but perhaps it could just as easily have been made any time right up to when Paul closed up.

I do not think the design is particularly unusual, although not many weights are known with two py canes. I have two of that general design but one is unsigned and so not included in my web pages which show only the signed weights. I have seen several other examples, so there are probably quite a lot around.

And I don't think 5 early bidders is much of an indication of "a fair bit of interest" for a good signed weight like this one. But I suppose many more folk may well be watching with a view to late bidding and no doubt several folk have set up their sniping bids. Perhaps I am in one of those categories??


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