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I.D. HELP Please


I have searched everywhere for info on these Stemware glasses, and this is what I know,
-They are delicate and different. In all my research on-line and books I have not come across anything on these. Not even the technique used to make them. They are Hand Blown Glass, there is leather affixed to the bottom of each glass, and there does not seem to be any makers mark, unless it's being covered by the leather, the inside is gold, it looks similar to a shimmery gold "paint", but it does not appear to be "paint". Then the swirly colors that you see. I don't know if they are even safe to drink out of (the gold inside) or how to clean them. (leather on bottom)-
 And this is what I have been told
 -The glass is quite nice and interestingly made, The style was popular in the late Deco period, just before WWII, and was manufactured by many glass companies, both in America and in Europe; it is a mixed colours blown glass. In the 70's the fashion for this type of glass came back and it is really practically impossible to name any particular maker for this piece.
Can anyone shed some light on these glasses for me? :huh:

Probably that Canadian stuff. The story you sounds a bit off. Search this forum on leather, I am sure they have been covered.

Anne E.B.:
Hi there ;D  I think it was "pigskin"  ;) covered here:-,1324.0.html

So Seetusee Glassware by Mayfair, Portage La Prairie, Canada (Native I think)
and/or Mexican.

Not as old as you were told!


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