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Would certainly appreciate some opinion regarding the maker of this glass sphere. I call it a sphere because although it has a throat ( see photo ) it is only about 5cms deep therfore has no apparent practical function....unless one uses it as a carpet bowl!
It appears to  be red glass with colour either mixed in or laid on and then cased in clear glass. It is 15cms high, 18 cms diameter and weighs in at a fairly respectable 2.7 kilos.
Underneath it has a concave and fairly irregular grinding out where snapped off from the rod.... not unlike WMF but without the quite precise manner.
It is signed but this may be erroneous ( or so a couple of auction house "experts" have advised me ) so I have not included that for the time being.




Jo in Australia:
Maybe a candlestick?
There was a very similar WMF piece on ebay recently:
Whatever it is it's very nice.

- Jo in Australia

Hi Gareth, Can we have a look at the signature please, if only to concur with the experts' opinion? Or if no photo available, what does it say?

nigel benson:
Hi Gareth,

If you're using the book "WMF Ikora and Myra Glass" by Carlo Burschel and Heinz Scheiffele - as I suspect you are - I don't think you can assume that it is fully comprehensive. Like any book there are always things missing.

Although you say the globe doesn't have a typical WMF pontil I am sure that you must have a hunch that it is in fact by that company :)

My feeling is certainly that it has characteristics of WMF Ikora. In my experience, just like Monart, WMF Ikora has a number of differently finished pontils - go on give us all a look at the base!



Many thanks all for the contributions...particularly the link to the small WMF candlestick... very nice piece but much smaller than this...although that does not exclude that being its function.
Nigel...your comments regarding the diversity of WMF becomes even more apparent with the various rarer and one off pieces that turn up....but while there appears initially to be very direct comparisons with WMF there remains the gut instinct that it is not.
These signatures have to a certain extent clouded the issue but not necessarily excluded a WMF link. This is a pastiche of the 2 marks not just a single photograph of the base

Experts have advised these are spurious but on the grounds that it is not pate de verre
I can understand someone who wishes to mislead putting a signature to a piece but not then confounding this by adding a reg reference number, that to my knowledge does not correspond to this artists work,.... something really quite illogical.
I have googled for hours looking for further information on Walther and quite surprised that there is none detailing his output once he left Daum and set up his own workshops.... has anyone any links or photographs to a period of approx 20 years plus of a man who could not be considered obscure remote nor average .
In the early nineties I saw a reference to him in an encyclopaedic reference book on glass where it briefly mentions his divergence into more freeform pieces..... but I dont remember the name of the book nor read anything similar since...... Just doesn't make sense. Any further help would be very much appreciated

Again many thanks all





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