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Jo in Australia:
If it really was by Almeric Walter it would seem strange for it to be signed Reg. des. in English.

Jo in Australia:
... sorry... reg. no.  :oops:
It's very late here is the only excuse I can give for my lack of reading ability.
- Jo

nigel benson:
I'm afraid I still favour WMF Ikora. The base and pontil finishing is consistant with pieces seen over the years.

As to the subject of the signature. It does not have that feeling of confidence that comes with a genuine signing, which although not conclusive by any means, does give rise to suspiscion. I have to tread carefully now. There is one dealer, to my knowledge, that not only has items signed up, but also often includes a serial number - which to his eternal "credit" he at least tries to concur with the production numbers of the given fatcory/designer in question. He cannot be the only one!

I think one has to ask searching questions about something that appears to be what it is not, or might not be.

I am sure we have all bought a piece of glass with characteristics that point toward a direction that we'd like it to be - only to find out in the course of time that it ain't what we hoped for. Sometimes it's better, sometimes worse. I'd be very wary of that serial number Gareth.


Perhaps the Reg No refers to the fakers filing system :D in this case.

i agree that it is a piece of Ikora with a crudely done fantasy signature done by someone who has no clue about glass, or about Daum, or about Walter, or about 1910s. 20s and 30s styles. I also think the sig detracts greatly from the value of the Ikora piece  because it has been carved in too deep. You can not polish it out without regrinding the whole thing.  The pontil finish looks consistent with most Ikora pieces, as does the colouring technique. :evil:


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