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Sowerby date marks


:D I am really pleased to have got a little Sowerby, Walter Crane design, opalescent swan and bullrush vase!   :D

It has a fair bit of damage, as two swans have lost their heads (I know how that feels  :roll:  :lol: ) but I couldn't have afforded it otherwise, and it displays well from one side so I think it's still beautiful, even if my Utilitarian son calls it "your headless chickens thing"  :lol:  

Now I am trying to date it accurately  :shock:  If I understand correctly from the marks on the bottom, it was made in 1879 as it has a 'Y' in the right corner of the lozenge.  However the bottom corner has an 'R'.  If this is, as I understand it to be, the month it was made, what does the 'R' represent?  And what do the numbers in the top and left corners of the lozenge represent?   :?  

Anyone got more detail than I have been able to find on Sowerby markings?  (she asked, knowing full well someone will have  :lol: )  


Check out the lozenge translator here


--- Quote from: Frank ---Check out the lozenge translator here
--- End quote ---
  :o   Frank, that's wonderful!  Thank you!  

What a useful thing!  I've now bookmarked it for future reference. :D

Parcel 15, Sowerby, 14th August 1879  


Bernard C:
Sowerby pattern No. 1436.

Bernard C.  8)


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