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A Mystery Art Deco Blackpool Teapot Stand

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Bernard C:
A Mystery Art Deco Blackpool Teapot Stand

 side views

At least I am 99% certain that it is a teapot stand.   What else could it be?

It is in a clear non-uranium green, well made with only one tiny bubble within the glass.    The underside, including the three wonderful Art Deco Michelin Man / Tower of Hanoi feet, is acid-matted around the outer edge of the lucky horseshoe, as also is Blackpool Tower, the Tower Ballroom and Circus, and even the flags!   The inscription reads "GOOD LUCK FROM BLACKPOOL".   No other marks.

Diameter exactly 6", height exactly 1", weight 1lb 1oz (482g).

I tested the fitting (measures one sixteenth of an inch under 5") with our two trusty Sadler Brown Betty teapots, a one pint and a two pint, and worked out that it would comfortably fit a four pint standard Brown Betty teapot with half a pint to spare.   Four pints translates to sixteen or more cups of English tea (allowing for the milk), which would seem to me to be the ideal size for the majority of Blackpool guest houses.

I've never seen another.

So, who made it, and when, pre- or post-war?   Does the lettering look familiar or match anything with a known attribution?

All thoughts welcomed.

Bernard C.  8)

Bread Plate ?
I vote : Late 40s - early 50s
By one of the Gateshead companies ...just a guess
or maybe Burtles & Tate, Manchester local and it looks a cut above ...quality-wise
(there thats covered most of the possibles hasn't it ?)


Not Burtles & Tate as they went under in the 1920s I think. Their moulds and equipment were bought by Butterworths.

I would go with 1950s, 1960s or even later.



Bernard - I absolutely adore that piece. It's wonderful. I think I've lost my heart to it.

I've shown it my parents (who are familiar with Blackpool from years ago) and they both feel that it is 1930s ish (pre-war). Our feeling is also that it was meant to be a teapot stand, though of course, mainly just a Souvenir to put on the sideboard.

Surely an item like this would have been made in the thousands? Where are they all? Hot teapot + glass stand = trouble. Perhaps that's why this beauty is undoubtedly an uncommon piece.

Just my (ever so humble) opinion.


Is non-uramium green found much pre WW2 ?
Definately something to stand or put things on....but a teapot ?

At one time I had quite a collection of Deco teapot stands...just mass produced...hardboard, beige card and flat glass held together with an alluminium rim and with ivory bakelite ball feet. Those were meant to match and be used with with those teapots with a felt lined metal shell and the same ivory bakelite ball feet. Still some risk of glass breakage but a lot less. At least one teapot and stand went in a furniture re-arrangement  accident (insured). I must have sold the others ....didn't I ????

I still vote bread platter ......or centre platter for butter, jams etc to save tablecloth spills at teatime ...anyone remember teatime ? Sundays only chez-nous.


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