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BVB France ! Transfer printed shots

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Is it Burlington Bertie after a night on the tiles ?
Or was he doing the Lameth Walk ?

Hang on a mo he's French !!!
And yet the subject looks so very English..
And who is BVB ?

Société Exploitation Verrière Beauce-Bourgogne S.A. et Verrière de la Chapelle St. Mesmin.
Genlis near Dijon, Côte d'Or, France. Your mark is assumed to be 1930's

Not surprising they used initials! Try getting that name on eBay title!

OOh this is strange ...never been here before ... but this IS obviously the right place for Bertie and the cat

Hi, Pete.

Back on topic  ;) - just wondered whether, given the limited colour range, Burlington Bertie might be screen-printed rather than transfer? If so, the date of the mark might make him quite interesting - Frank, was it you who suggested that screen-printing was introduced in the 30s?

David E:
There's a sticky here:,6965.0.html

... that gives approxiamte dates of the various printing techniques.


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