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Faizi Crystal, Langkawi - orange vase with bits!


Hi there, I have finally got round to buying some  more glass - and I find an odd one ;)  Stickered and signed I have an orange vase/bowl  c. 12cm high and 15cm across with 6 ruffles - a bit like a handkerchief-type vase.  It is nearly opaque at the base and becomes more translucent towards the top.  It is cased in clear and has a pontil mark which has been "blunted" while hot.  There is a blue trail/stripe on the top rim and three more lower down, and many spots and splotches of colour (yellow, blue, white, orange and red) on the clear casing - I guess it was rolled in bits of coloured glass before being re-heated.

On the base it is signed Faizi Crystal Langkawi and there is a small clear plastic sticker on the punty mark Faizi Crystal Glass Blowing over a glass blower in front of a map of Langkawi, and below Langkawi.  Can't find anything about Faizi Crystal on google but did find that Langkawi is off the coast of Malaysia ::).  I'll try and get photos done tomorrow but has anyone heard of this company or even heard of glass blowing in that part of the world?  I would say that it is of good quality and modern.  Without the sig./sticker I would have put it down as modern Murano.



Here are the photos - hopefully my rambling description will make sense now ;).


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