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A whole lotta glass! = Pot warmer


Anne E.B.:
I was told this morning when I bought it, that it was a door stop! :roll:  Its certainly heavy enough at 1.75kg. but I guess its a candle holder of some sorts(?) I've checked on the Murrla site having spotted Anne's earlier thread on Muurla and Meri Lasi, plus other sites too, but haven't been able to find anything quite like it.  I am more than certain it is Scandinavian, so haven't checked elsewhere.  Am I at least in the right hemisphere?  Any ideas on who made it, and why? :lol: :wink:   would be greatly appreciated.
Regards - Anne :roll:

Nope it's not a door stop... it's a pot warmer. :) I have two as well - different styles but the same principal. You put a nightlight in the middle and pop your tea pot or coffee pot on top and it keeps it nice and warm. I use mine just as candle holders without the pot on top as they look really pretty lit up. I can't remember what the makers' name was on one of mine (the other wasn't boxed when I bought it so no name). I did see some for sale on a website somewhere... I'll see if I can find them again.

BTW Anne, mine are in my glass gallery here:

This was one of the sites I found pot warmers on... they only have one design now. There were others when I looked before.

and this looks like the one you have... it's a Bel Mondo... which now I've seen it, is the same make as mine, made by Becker in Germany.  Mod: Link dead

Anne E.B.: could knock me down with a feather!!! :lol: :roll:    I would never have guessed it was a pot warmer!  Many thanks Anne for the info.  Nice to know its that old too.   I love your gallery Anne :D   

I will have to decide what to do with it now.  Can't see myself using it as a warmer - I make lousy coffee :?
Perhaps an adventure playground for the goldfish.........hmmmm now there's a good idea :wink:  :mrgreen:  8)
t'other Anne :wink:


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