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Bohemian?with pewter lid...for the expert eye! ID = Little River Pickle Jar

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Please will you give any help indentifying and ageing this three piece moulded pressed glass jar.It has three panels depicting a castle in the forest, a windmill and fir trees and a house near large rocks.4+1/2 inches tall by 3+1/2 inches wide.The lid is made of pewter.It has been very hard to photo these are the best shots I can get.Its been in our family for 30+years and it wasn't new then.Any info greatly appreciated many thanks.Kay.

Replacement pics requested 25.11.08


This is an interesting piece with a number of questions associated with it.  North American collectors call this jam jar or pickle "Little River" but do not know who produced it or when it was made.  There are two versions with different scenes in each.  A very similar item is shown in a circa 1886 Linnington catalog.  Note that the scene differs from your example. Linnington was a Chicago, Illinois, USA wholesaler.  Here is a link to the catalog picture:

I have a celery with very similar scenes to your pickle or jam jar that I am very convinced is from one of the UK producers just based on where it usually pops up on ebay.


I have a sugar and creamer that are similar in style to these items. They appear to be part of the same series as the celery Sid showed. They were purchased in England and yes, I feel that is where they were made (which is in line with Sid's thinking re. his celery).

The scenes on my two items are especially fascinating to me because they are astonishingly similar to several Carnival Glass designs. One of the panels is a twin to Millersburg's Sea Coast pintray, while another one is very like several Imperial designs (such as Windmill, Nu-Art Homestead etc). If anyone has a copy of "The Art of Carnival Glass" you can see the creamer and sugar with the landscape panels on pages 67 to 70.


Thank you both for your replies.
The picture on Sids celery vase is the same as the windmill
panel on my jar.Now I have some info to start me off
I will do my best to find out more.Many thanks.Kay


Is it possible for you to post or email a picture of the cream and sugar?  I would love to see them!



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