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Heisey Collectors Club, Clover & Rope pattern tankard


I am looking for information about a Heisey Collectors Club issue (I think) of colored mugs.  The dealer I purchased from called the pattern Clover Rope.  I bought red, green, light blue, frosted green.  They are beautiful, but I can't find any information on them.  I would love to add to this set.  Thanks in advance.

I got this info from an auction listing, so I hope its correct LOL :wink:
made in 1988. This pattern #1426 was first made in 1933-1935 and the HCA has reproduced certain patterns.

I knew I had a website on heisy in my favourites but I culdn't find it earlier, isn't that always the way, when your looking for something, you can never find it until you start to look for something else.
Anyway, this site will probably be able to help you out with the info you need

Angela B:
Our Glass Links page at has a section on Glass Collectors Clubs and in that list you'll find a link to the National Heisey Glass Museum.  

A few of their (Heisey Glass website) links don't work. If you get an error page from their site, try using your back button to get back to the page that worked.

All the best

Frank S:
Julie is correct. Clover Rope by Heisey are Beer Mugs.  Identification # 1426  made 1933 to 1935.  It came at this time in 3 colors Cobalt, Sahara (yellow) and crystal.  I would assume when reproduced the other colors came out at that time.  

My reference is:  The Collector's Encyclopedia Of Heisey Glass 1925-1938 by Neila Bredehoft.

Here is a little more info about the newer mugs that you can purchase.


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