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Dartington Glass...Was there a reason for this design?


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The description of the glass bowl,  it has a stem base, with a groove swirl pattern on the stem.
On the side of the bowl (I would describe it as a table centre piece fruit bowl ) is an engraving of 'Traitors Gate', as used in the House pf Commons logo.
There are no chips,flaws or cracks to the bowl it is perfect.
All I really need to know is was this a commissioned piece? and possibly what year it could have been made?. There is a sticker on the base saying 'Dartington 24% lead crystal'.
 At this moment I have no consideration to sell it, just wanting to gather info.

Try contacting Dartington - they should know !
Dartington Crystal
(a division of Enesco Ltd)
EX38 7AN

[T] (0)1805 626262

Hello :D
I have  found out that the design of the bowl is the Carousel design, discontinued now, and the 'House of Common s' logo is a possibility as they have an account with Dartington Glass. It has been recommended that I contact a 20th century glass valuer for more information, and possible value. Please can anyone help.

Ps: No longer will this bowl be used, but for decoration purposes only.


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