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Decanter and goblets set... ID = Valentine's Cyprus Hand Made

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Can anyone tell me where this type of stuff is made please?

I've Googled and Googled and I can't find anything like this anywhere. The metal is applied to the outside of the glass decanter and goblets and extends underneath the feet of them all as well. We wondered if it is perhaps Turkish or Indian (or even Chinese???), but really have no idea. Any thoughts would be welcome.

I bought a worked silver ( :?:  :shock: ) brooch in Cairo once in similar style thats what made me think of Egypt. They also produce the fanastically shaped Genie-style glass perfume bottles there....similar in style to the decanter altho I believe this style of glass originated in Syria.

I have one of the genie perfume bottles which is Egyptian and there is a similarity in style, but the blue glass is much thicker than the perfume decanter.

Does yours have the silver base? Get your self a silver test-kit, only a few pounds and lets you distinguish silver and silver-plated.

The glass in yours looks modern. Decoration Middle East/India for Western market is my best guess.

Frank I didn't know you could get silver test kits... now where would I find those? It sounds like something I should add to my "toolkit" for sure.

Just had another look at the bottoms of mine and they are metalled but it's not silver I'm sure, Also, the goblets have the tell-tale bump on the rim that I'm sure someone said means they are machine made?  

Indian sounds like a good bet for mine actually, thanks. I was intrigued to see the allegedly older one though as I wouldn't have figured this to have been such an old style.


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