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Decanter and goblets set... ID = Valentine's Cyprus Hand Made

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Jewellery suppliers, antiques markets, eBay.

I think these come out of Morocco - Spain is full of them.

Really? Ohhh that's useful to know Ivo, thank you. It's just something that caught my eye on eBay a while ago and picked up (very) cheap as a curiosity...  could have come back with someone from their holidays in Spain then. Another area to check out. :)

Bingo! My decanter set now has a companion - a small bowl in the same blue glass with the same sort of silver metalwork around it and... most usefully... a label!  The label reads:

--- Quote ---Valentine's
Cyprus Hand Made
1000o Silver Plated
--- End quote ---

Hi Anne,

I was so delighted to see these blue and silver pieces.   I was on a school trip to Greece about 35 years ago, and I bought two - (a large vase for my Mother and a small bowl for myself).  I bought them at an agora or outdoor market in Athens.  They were new, and medium priced.  I don't remember them having labels, though. 

Hope this helps narrow it down a bit, anyway...



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