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A selection of Oberglas vases - some iridised, some not

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I've posted photos of a selection of the vases which I have mentioned from time to time (thread on Textured vases with Eye Pattern and elsewhere). These vases have some unique characteristics which leads me to believe they are probably from the same maker. The marigold vases have been found bearing the label OBERGLAS - Austria.

1. Mostly they have interesting and unusual "textures" in the form of the moulded pattern. For example, tree trunk effects, bubbles and bobbles etc.

2. On the ones I have examined, the neck may be ground (might be polished) and there is a narrow band that can also have some sort of pattern within it.

3. The shape of the vases can be straight sided, or "in and out", or with flattened panels. Interesting variety.

4. The base is usually patterned and is not ground.

5. Colours vary - clear glass, two colours (may be stained, not sure of this), and with light (may be cold applied, again I am not sure) iridescence. I have seen marigold, cranberry and green (very lightly) iridised.

Here are some pics - they are not the best and they are not recent. If we get chance to do a new set sometime I will post them, but at least this gives you an idea.

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Two vases, one cranberry iridised and one marigold
Detail of the cranberry one (called "Four Sided Treetrunk")
Top rim of the cranberry one
Base of the cranberry one
Two clear (flint) vases, similar style
Two more vases, one in green-yellow two tone, and the other clear with an interesting pattern and shape.

All photos, text etc. Copyright G & S Thistlewood. 2005

Oberglas can usually be defined by the abominable finish of the edges, the plastic inserts around stoppers, the shoddy mould definitions and the yellowish tinge of the glass. In short, it is a bottom feeder.... 8)

I wasn't trying to suggest that the vases would win prizes in a beauty parade. I was simply posting the photos and giving as much information as I could, as requested, so as to help anyone who finds a similar "mystery" vase in the future. I would have posted photos before but I have been very pressed for time (still am).

These vases have come up several times in discussions - the most recent being the Davidson Luna vase thread. When I first saw the one I call "Cascades" (the marigold bubbly one) I wondered if it might be Davidsons or Whitefriars. I discussed it with Chris Stewart and abandoned the Davidson idea.....and then discussed it with Whitefriars collectors, and abandoned the Whitefriars idea. So who the heck made it? I posted my query on the old Glass Message Board, with photos, but no-one had a clue.

For several years I had no idea - then finally found a vase with the Oberglas label. Mystery solved - hooray - and I also felt that there were various other "mystery" vases that I had seen that were probably Oberglas too.

So - I am simply offering these photos and my observations (for what they are worth) in order that other collectors who come across these items will know in future what they are.



--- Quote from: "Glen" ---I wasn't trying to suggest that the vases would win prizes in a beauty parade.
--- End quote ---

 :D  :D  :D  Good work, Glen - really useful information  :D  :D  :D

To amuse you all (maybe) I'll tell you that Marion Quintin Baxendale puts a value on a marigold "Four Sided Tree Trunk" vase (a smaller version of the cranberry one I showed) of $160.



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