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A selection of Oberglas vases - some iridised, some not

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Glen - Is that the right company ?
 STOELZLE OBERGLAS AG & CO, Koeflach, Austria

Glad you like it ...I noticed the same turned-out rim on your cranberry one - an unusual feature - do the others have that ?

 $160  !! Maybe once people stop thinking they're Whitefriars even the non-carnival may become collectable in their own right. Quality is not so bad for fun glass. I'm surprised at the wide range you show.

Oberglass is not included but by chance I found this site
Crinkled and Wrinkled Glass
I think I may have ID'd a couple of my other wrinkly crinklies from it.

Anne E.B.:
Very interesting to see your vases Glen.  I recently sold this one but never knew what it actually was. Its the same as your "four sided tree trunk" taken from a different angle, but it is clear glass.   I wish I'd kept it :roll:
Regards Anne :lol:

Hi Peter - I guess it's the right company. Oberglas was the name on the label - but I think they are not current or even recent production. I've known about the cranberry iridised one for some years now.

I'd take the $160 price tag with a pinch of salt. Mrs Q-B had one to sell in her auction some years back, so..........

I would guesstimate more in the region of £15 - £30 for a Carnival version, but who knows.

Your comment made me ponder on the quality of glass. Does it matter? There's plenty of splendid quality glass that I wouldn't give tuppence for. And then there's some mass produced glass that was originally sold at low cost that is now worth thousands $$$$$$


Oh yes Anne....that's a nice vase too. Thanks for posting it. There really are a lot of these intriguing items around.

Can anyone show us any more of these variations?

Anne E.B.:
I know quite a while has passed since Oberglas was aired, but I have what I think might be another variation for the record, with lumps, bumps and 'bubbles' shown on the left of the picture.

However, the tumbler on the right seems to be of a better quality.

I have a large turquoise Davidson Lunar bowl, but the surface texture is very different to this. The bottom of the tumbler is "scalloped" and it appears to have possibly three seams.

Any ideas as to what this might be would be much appreciated.
Many thanks.

Regards - Anne E.B.


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