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Hello, my name is Warner and I hope that I'm posting this type of infromation in the proper place.  I wanted to let everyone know about the Lotton Glass collector's club that I'm forming.  Many of you may already be familiar with the work of the Lotton family of glass artists, but in my few years of collecting this glass, I've found very little infromation about Lotton glass outside of the information that is written in the now 15-year old book on Lotton glass, so I decided to form the first collector's club for Lotton glass collectors or potential collectors.  I would love for you to visit, and membership is FREE so why not check it out?   The URL for the site is  I'm really trying to start this club off correctly, but I'm doing most of the work myself while working a full time job and keeping 3 kids under 13 in line as well.   Any comments, criticism (both positive and negative), or suggestions are welcome!

                                 Thanks in advance,

                                 Warner Smith


Other links: Lotton Glass Studio;
Youtube - Daryle Lambert on Charles Lotton

Thank you, Warner!  I *love* Lotton glass  :D  Haven't been able to afford any so far, though   :(

Great website!  Good Luck with the club   :D


Hey, thanks for the words of encouragement!   My membership is growing fairly steadily....I just need to deliver on more of the information that I'm promising on the site.  As I said, it's difficult to FIND information about Lotton least the kind that collectors really care "What's rare"?   I know several long time collectors that DON'T know what's rare...and have passed by exceptional pieces because they didn't know what they were.   Now, I'm not an expert by any means (in my eyes, anyway), but I'm interested in finding out, and have made several knowledgeable acquaitances who have helped out.  I did speak with Charles on the phone in January, who wanted to meet with me about my intentions for the club.....we never got back in touch but I'll be contacting him again soon!   I want to get the site to a place where I'm proud of it so I can show him the work that I've done so far.

All Lotton glass should be signed (I say this with a small caveat - there have been a (VERY) few pieces that for whatever reason were not signed, but authenticated by Charles himself to be his works).   The earliest pieces will simply be signed "Lotton", as Charles was the only Lotton to be making glass in the early days.  So, if it's simply signed "Lotton", it was made by Charles.  The other members of the Lotton family that have or are still making glass are as follows:  David Lotton (Charles' oldest son), Daniel Lotton (Son of Charles, still making glass at their studio in Crete, IL), John Lotton (retired from glassblowing recently and is currently involved in real-estate development), Jeremiah Lotton (Son of David, Grandson of Charles), and Jerry Heer (nephew of Charles).   There are also several studio artists both past and present.  Scott Bayless would be the most recognized of those still working at the studio.  I would be happy to authenticate pieces for anyone, as I have seen no less than three pieces listed on Ebay in recent weeks that were NOT made by any member of the Lotton family.   Outside of John, all of the Lotton family still blow glass, including Charles who will turn 70 later this year.


:D I've never heard of this before, thanks very much for sharing it!
LOVE the lava! :D

Sue, I love the lava pieces, too!   It's a little strange that these pieces are rather polarizing amongst collectors - people usually either love them or hate them.   They are not as popular as some of the other Lotton styles.  Charles is mainly known for his "multi-flora" pieces.  I feel that down the road, the Lotton lava pieces could do the same thing value-wise as the Tiffany lava pieces did - they had very little collector interest while they were being made, and therefore are much more rare than the more common Tiffany pieces that usually come up for sale.  If you've never seen a Tiffany lava, that's the reason.  If you'd like to see a photo of one, I could post a photo......let me know, okay?

                      Thanks again for your interest and comments!



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