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Timo Sarpaneva Glasses Now With Picture!

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"Should you find a good resource for researching vintage Iittala, please post it here."

Replacements Ltd is pretty good source for Iittala's tableware designs although sometimes they only have a drawing of the design and not a photo.  Designer's name is not given.

Here is a picture of one of the nine (would have been ten, but one was split off at the base of the bowl  :cry: )

They came from auction, but were from a house clearence, (and I know as I work there :) ), so unless the original owners were conned I think they are genuine.

I have tried to photo the base, but the TM is in the middle and it is engraved so is very hard to get it to show up. I will try when it gets a little darker.

Each glass is 8" tall, and all are slightly different with the decoration on the bowls and the knops on the stems.


These are called Senator and are basically from the same range than Festivo candlesticks - the foot is pretty much the same.  I wish I have nine of them (or even less)!

Rest assured, they are genuine.


Thank you so much for all the information. When do you think they might have been made?

I would like to sell maybe a set of 6 and keep the other 3, but to sell all 6 or in pairs I don't know, its the postage cost problem again,as they are so big  :?

(Might rescue the broken one and glue it, the bowl has sheared off cleanly from the stem, so is a straight break and easily fixed, so I could keep a set of 4 :wink: )



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