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Rare Antique Venetian Floral Etched Mirror by Ongaro???


Hi everyone,

I'm marketing an exceptional, large floral etched mirror in rococo style giltwood frame.  In researching hundreds of vintage and antique mirrors online, I haven't seen anything like it.  Signature appears to read Ongaro.  Can anyone share any insights about the maker, age and market value of this unique mirror?   Thank you!,antique-signed-giltwood,826374.html

Hi Christopher,

Checking my copy of Ivo Haanstra's wonderful little book, Glass Fact File  A-Z there is an entry for a Romero Ongaro, Glass refinery in Venice, Italy, active c.1948 (cut glass). There is also listed a firm called Ongaro and Fuga, Glassworks in Murano, Italy, active c. 1967 (cut glass & engraved glass).

Hope this may give you some pointers to follow. :)

but why in a wood gilt frame?
in one of my murano books, the Ongaro and Fuga in my book's are all hot work glass frames

Ray, Perhaps that's a key difference between the Ongaro Fuga, and the Romero Ongaro works?

This mirror is quite a bit older than 20th Century.

I will see what I can find on the engraver but don't hold your breath expecting a quick answer. The main mirror looks to have been resilvered. Can you send me some pics of the back and angles shots of each mirror with a white reflection.


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