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Not Czecho - Transjö


I happened upon this stunning photo
while looking for something else and wrote to the owner.
This was his reply.

--- Quote ---Peter,
feel free to link to the images. I photographed the vase when the sun was setting and the colors came out really well.
I bought the vase in a gift shop in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It was in
the back of the shop but instantly caught my attention. The sales person
could tell me very little about it and thought it was from Czechija. It
was not until I had taken it home and looked at the bottom that I
discovered that it was from Transjö. I have no other information about it.
I bought it because I like the simple shape and the vibrant colors.
--- End quote ---

Close up:
 Is it by Ann Wolff ? of Stenhytta Glass studio in Transjö Sweden ?

Bill G:
If the vase is signed Transjo, it is Transjo. There are two masters at Transjo in Sweden, Jon Erik Ritzman and
Carlson. This vase looks like their work.

Thanks Bill
I usually look in your book, Creative Energies before googling. Maybe missed it but there it is.
It does get confusing when glass companies are named after towns, especially when they are not located in that town.
I see that Transjo Hytta AB is located in the town of Kosta.

Googling some more this description seems to give a more enlightening picture of the area and Transjo Hytta's place in it.

--- Quote ---"Connecting Växjö and Kalmar is Glass Country, a 70-mile stretch of forest sparkling with glassworks. Frankly, these glassworks would hardly raise a rattle elsewhere, but they gleam in Sweden's calm countryside air.

Of the several renowned glassworks in the area, Orrefors is the most famous and Kosta is the oldest, dating back to 1742. Both are set up to appease the masses, offering tours, daily glassblowing action, easy shipping, and nearly perfect crystal seconds at shattering discounts. The tiny Transjö Glashytta offers a much different experience — expensive but fine art pieces created on an old converted farm."
--- End quote ---

It seems they have been very active in training up and comming glass artists but I haven't found a website for the company as yet.

Bill G:
I think Transjo is in the Kosta kommune. They are down the road from Åfors and I think Ann Wolff has a studio in this small area.
Ritzman and his colleague has brought students to the
studio where they assist the masters. One even showed up in my old habitat in Colorado Springs. Great way to learn the ways of masters.
Bill Geary


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