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Wedgwood Glass Vase, unusual mark

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Hi Nigel,
This observation was based on forms from that range.

There's a Rustic range vase without bubbling or texturng on p25 of the Graham Cooley Collection exhibition cataogue 2004.

It is very similar in form to Barbara's except that it does not appear to have the deeper rim color which Barbara's piece appears to have.

This feature is evident though in the Texured Range vases on page 29.

All this could be trick-of-the light stuff due to photography / lighting but I don't think so - its the feature I first noticed in Barbara's photo.
Could another possibilities be a variation to the Rustic "norm" or just later production ?

nigel benson:
Hello all,

I remembered having a conversation with Graham (Cooley) last year before the exhibition, during which he told me that the 'Rustic' range included bubbles. He went on to show me examples. Hence my previous entry.

In view of your observations about page 25 of the exhibition catalogue, Peter, I 'phoned Graham and had a chat about the query. Unfortunately I omitted to mention the illustration on page 25, and its caption - I'll return to that.

It would appear that there are indeed two ranges, one of which is 'Rustic'. Both use the same, or many of the same, shapes - as observed by you, Marcus. However, the Rustic Range includes bubbling, produced by the addition of dry sand during the process.

Peter, I note that the picture beside the one you refer to on page 25 has the caption " Wide Lidded Vase, RSW 21", this should surely read " Wide Rimmed Vases RSW 21", since there are no 'lids' to these vases, but they do have wide rims. I'm wondering if it is possible that these two captions got through the proof reading uncorrected? In my experience this can happen all too easily. Despite having 4 proof readers plus myself on one occassion, mistakes still got through! By-the-by, during our conversation yesterday Graham referred to these wide rimmed pieces as "Top Hats".

As to the comment about the shading, or graduation of colour, on the cylinderical vases, I do think the light source has exaggerated the effect, particularly on the Textured Range photos in the catalogue, but yes, it does occur.

I hope this helps to clear up what may otherwise have become a commonly used mistaken name, Nigel :)


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