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Neodymium revisited - a green/blue one! Murano/Czech?

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David E:
Recently there was a thread about the properties of Neodymium glass and how it would change colour subtly when exposed to fluorescent light; normally this is between pale lilac in daylight, to pale blue under fluorescent.

Well, recently I obtained a bud vase (similar to a Murano sommerso facet) that looks totally clear in daylight, but changes to pale blue under flashlight and pale green under fluorescent!

The following are totally unedited for colour or brightness/contrast in any way – from left; Photos taken in Daylight, Flash, Fluorescent:

Click on any photo to enlarge.

Sadly it does have a slight bruise on one of the base corners, so the value has also changed!  :cry:  Hope these photos help, but can anyone ID this at all?

Height: 6½" (16.5cm)
Width: 1¾" (4.5cm) square

Base is ground flat and polished.

With thanks.

David E:
Just a slight correction here: the vase in daylight does have a very slight lilac tinge and is not clear as first mentioned. Is best seen in slightly dull conditions as bright sunlight does make it look clear.

I'd still be interested in an ID though — any ideas? With thanks.

Sorry David, no ideas but I think its fascinating. Maybe someone else will come up with something. Terry

David...only looked at this again because Anne highlighted it in another thread!

I should think your neo-vase here is Murano, wouldn't you?  It seems a fairly standard Murano shape (alright! alright! I know the Czechs did something similar!)  Anyhoo, I know this is a bit vague...but it's a start.  :D

David E:
Hi Max,

It does have the same look as the sommerso facets often seen on eBay, but I've never heard of one with Neodymium before. I did think Czech as they seem to produce much of the Dichroic glass, but I must admit I really am stumped  :?

BTW, I'm not entirely sure of the validity of the 'blue' tint as seen under flash light. But there's no doubting the green: looks dead cool with an almost uranium glow :)


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