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Neodymium revisited - a green/blue one! Murano/Czech?

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This is for David to admire:    :wink:

Classy eh?

Hi David,
yes - the 'guest' was me writing from the office -  :?:  :?:  Obviously I can only log in from same IP address as profiled last week which is my home.

Well, just returned from my museum reading a bit in MOSER 1857 - 1997
IF your vase should in fact be Moser, it is designed by R. Eschler mid-Thirties.  In 1934 he designed the famous drinking set 'Bar'  and in 1936 a trinket set with square bases.
The latter is also pictured on cover of their 1946/48' catalogue (at that time 'Ceské Sklo formerly Moser')
Ceské Sklo have got registered Moser's coloured glass (Seltene Erden 'Neodym and Praseodym' colouring Beryl, Alexandrit, Royalit, Heliolit, Eldor and Carnelolit) again in 1945 and you can find Alexandrite vases also in their 1960's production.
Resulting from the great success of Eschler's design it is said to be produced still today.
Enjoy your vase - it is really a BEAUTY!

David E:
Pamela, many thanks for this! So the date could fit with Ceské Sklo production in the 1960s, but quite surprising it might date back to the 30s. Does raise more questions, given Ivo's earlier mail, but this digging around is all part of the fun! :wink:

Re. Eschler: interesting as I'm quite a fan of M.C.Escher, the Dutch artist/architect. :shock: I'll take a look at some of Eschler's work later and see if I can find some examples to compare.

Thanks all: most illuminating :idea: If/when I find anything I'll post it.

Hi David,
I just did a search for dichroic glass and re read this thread.  Did you ever find out about this vase?  I have just bought a lilac bud vase which changes to blue in fluorescent light.  It has a Murano label and thought you might be interested to see it.


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