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Neodymium revisited - a green/blue one! Murano/Czech?

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David, would this be any good?


David, to me shape, brilliance and cut is very much MOSER Karlsbad Alexandrit Glas (which they had registered in 1929) - my pink (of a completely different shape) is vividly green if exposed to energy-saving-lamp light  :idea:  :?:

David E:
Max, well-found - now if I can just remember my darned Yahoo User ID... :oops:

Pamela, many thanks for this  :)

Now I have a possible name this does give me some leads, which I'll follow through. In the meantime I did find this:

... which shows a "Vase Moser um 1920, Alexandrit Glas, ..."


... where another is listed.

My only query is the shape that, to my untrained eye, does look more like 1950/60s Murano (but I don't think is). So do you know how long Moser were using Alexandrit(e)? Reading '20th Century Factory Glass' by Lesley Jackson, it seems to indicate they were still experimenting with new colours inthe early 1930s, but I'm not sure if this continued into the 40s.

diving into my Moser catalogue this evening and shall report later...
fact is that Moser brought several items with a perfectly square base

David E:
Hi Pamela,

Thanks, much appreciated.

BTW, are you the Pamela from If so, greetings and thanks for your efforts! Always glad to return a favour, so if you need help with your web site, just ask :D


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